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By Thomas Lewis August, 30 2012

Today, Microsoft announced that along with Atari and Grant Skinner (a Canadian Developer who brought us the likes of Pirates Love Daisies), the Atari Arcade. The Atari Arcade takes some of the classic Atari games you know and love like Centipede, Missile Command and Pong and bring them to the web built with HTML5, is multiplayer and really is perfect for touch when using a Windows 8 touch device with Internet Explorer 10. As you know, we are keen on touch and believe it is a first-class citizen for apps today.


Go play and have some fun, You will notice that by using web standards technologies like HTML5, you are able to play games at the Atari Arcade with whatever browser you like. Go on, we will wait.


To bring these amazing experiences to the web, you can drill down into how these HTML5 games were built for the Arcade as well as learn more about CreateJS which is a set of libraries to help ease building HTML5 games with support for sprites, animation, audio, preloading. Also, you can find out more information on how you can build your own games for the Atari Arcade!


Here in Canada, we are so excited about what you can do with CreateJS to build Atari games, that we are announcing CreateJS Workshops across Canada! In these workshops, you will learn how to build HTML5 canvas-based games and using the CreateJS Suite of Javascript libraries so that you can develop, distribute, and earn revenue from your own Atari game!

Go sign up today and we will notify you about our upcoming free workshops.

Have fun!

By Thomas Lewis| August, 30 2012

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