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By Thomas Lewis April, 09 2012

HTML5, Windows 8, Web Standards Process? Oh my! This post is all about finding great resources around the web. As you can imagine, folks are excited these days not only about HTML5 but the upcoming Windows 8 which allows you to use HTML5 as a programming model. We also find how the web standards process works.




There are a GARGANTUAN amount of resources about HTML5, maybe too much. Luckily our own Frederic Harper has put together his 10 best HTML5 resources.






Windows 8


There are great resources about Windows 8 all over the internet, but make sure you are getting it from the source. In this article, I put together all the primary sources for Windows 8 coming directly from Microsoft.





Web Standards Process


Have you ever sat down and thought about that HTML element or CSS property and how it came into being? The process is not so simple, but the good folks at The Web Standards Project put together a simple introduction to explain.




By Thomas Lewis| April, 09 2012
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