Loving Metro? Use it the right way in your Windows Phone app!

By Paul Laberge April, 19 2012

Metro, Microsoft’s new design language built for creating fast and fluid experiences on a number of platforms is really getting a lot of attention these days.  Lots of people love it and yes, some hate it, but one thing is certain – it’s different than what people have seen before.  If you’re building Windows Phone apps (and you really should… it’s a lot of fun!) you may find yourself a little lost when designing your apps with Metro in mind.  This post will help you with finding some of those answers.

A while back, I wrote a five part blog post series on our Canadian Mobile Developers blog (which there will be changes to – more on that in a later post) that talked about Metro Design for Windows Phone and why it’s awesome.  It’s worth checking out as it provides a lot of great tips on building great Metro-style experiences on Windows Phone.  Below are links to these posts and after that are download links of these posts in PDF and ebook (.mobi) format.

Metro Design for Windows Phone Apps:  The Five-Part Blog Post Series


By Paul Laberge| April, 19 2012

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