Your Invitation to Pure Imagination

By Thomas Lewis November, 07 2012

You have a golden ticket to the Windows 8 Pure Imagination event in Toronto on November 24th & 25th.

What is Windows 8 Pure Imagination?

It is a partnership with Ryerson University to be the premier event in Canada for Windows 8 app builders & designers from students to startups to you! It starts out on Saturday morning with a keynote from Canada's own Grant Skinner. You may know him from his amazing interactive Flash work in the past, but today he is building amazing HTML5-based apps along with fun Windows 8 games. The keynote will also have a special surprise at the end. If you can make it, you absolutely need to be there.

Sessions & Tracks

Then we have great, practical content in four tracks:

  • Development
  • Design
  • Gaming
  • Cloud

This content isn't just regurgitation, but has practical elements to it and many of the speakers will be speaking from their own app building & design experiences. One session I am looking forward to is "Paper Prototyping a Windows Store app", where designers will take what they have been learning and get hands-on. Oh, and maybe get a nice takeaway by attending that session. The tracks are concurrent but you can jump into whichever session you like as long as their is room.

Don't worry if you have two sessions at the same time, we are going to record them and make them available to you after the event.


During the event, we will be hosting an around-the-clock hackathon. So when you are not checking out the new Surface or attending a session, you can hang out in one of our hackspaces and work on your Windows 8 app for a chance of brutal street cred and win fabulous prizes.


There are two things you need to do right now:

  1. Register for Pure Imagination. Yes, right now. Seats are limited and filling up. We only have so many seats and once they are gone, that is it.
  2. Register at the Windows Store. Go now and not only register your developer account, but also reserve the names of the apps you are going to build. 

In the next few days, Woot Studio will be giving you more details about some of the things you will see at Windows 8 Pure Imagination. In fact, why not subscribe to our feed? Subscribe

By Thomas Lewis| November, 07 2012

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